Episode 13
The episode that changes everything

Edward Norton (talks Fight Club), Jessica Biel (talks charity) & Paul Giamatti (talks about his dreams).
Also: an original sci-fi action animation: The Greatest Swordsman That Ever Lived.
Ed Burns (gives career advice). Legend Gene Kelly (dancing & singing in the rain).
"davidjr.com fan films" submitted from all over the world & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 12
We are america

Behind the scenes: Spiderman 3. A Juilliard Performance (with professional page turning).
Gen Art Styles Design Competition (Designers: Diane Von Furstenberg, Rebecca Taylor,
Nicole Miller, Jay McCarroll, Joseph Abboud; Actors: Jessica Capshaw & Lisa Edelstein).
The Devil Wears red carpet premiere (Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway & Sarah Jessica Parker).
Da Vinci Code movie review (without Tom Hanks), & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 11
So enlightening it needs two e's

5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival with John Malkovich (talks Star Wars), Ralph Fiennes.
Mission Impossible 3 Premiere (with Bullseye The Target Dog), Director, J.J. Abrams (talks Star Trek).
Fashion Designer, Cynthia Rowley (compliments my BLING BUCKLE). Colin Hanks, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 10 (part1) (part2)
It wasn't meant to be... until now
11th Annual Gen Art Film Festival with John Corbett, Molly Shannon, Zooey Deschanel,
Michael Rapaport, Aaron Stanford & Peter Sarsgaard. "Behind The Mask" Star, Nathan Baesel,
Jack McGee, Elizabeth Reaser, Malik Yoba, Shea Wigham & Colin Farrell.
The Garder Party @ Deitch Project, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 9
I don't bake cookies for a living

Fall Fashion Week 2006 with Russell Simmons, Anne Hathaway, U.S. Vogue Editor,
Andre Leon Tally, Heatherette, tons of supermodels & Celebrities.
Gen Art Fashion Event, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 8
I felt something

Radioman (NYC). Trying to make cotton candy. Going back home to CT: Miggs B art exhibition.
Dancing with the stars. The amazing eyebrow wave. Behind the scenes "Love Monkey".
Sci-Fi Action Short (The Space Boys: Episode 2), & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 7
I've been turned down before, just not when I was being so charming

Oliver Stone. Tronica Evolution. Matrix Parody. King Kong movie review. Scary massage machines.
Breakdancing. Dessert "Video Art" short. At Kid Robot, Damon Soule signing, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 6
Life is what happens when you plan to make it

Bollywood movie set with Preity Zinta. Sci-Fi Action Short (The Space Boys: Episode 1).
Argentinean Art Exhibition. "What Every Woman Wants". Confessions of a Taxicab driver.
Alexander parody. Window shopping, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 5
When your number's up, get a new number

Hellboy AKA Ron Perlman. Denzel Washington. iPod "Video Art" short. Adam's first internet date.
U2 "web cam parody video". Sean Penn as "The Joker". Soft drink launch party, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 4
The glass is half overflowing

Star Wars Episode 3 "On The Scene" & lightsaber action short. A talk with Tim Burton,

Episode 3
2 + 2 can = 3 or 5 depending on the speed at which you add them

Celebrity Art Exhibition with Randy Jones of "The Village People". Me on ABC-TV reality
dating show (June 2005). A talk with Director, Wayne Isham (Bon Jovi Music Video Set).
"Video Art" shorts. Animated video vlog 2, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 2
Ascertaining the un-ascertainable

Domino "Video Art" & movie review. Pro Wrestling Parody (Ric Flair). Keira Knightly
& Martin Short encounters. How to get a job. "The Door" of Fashion Week 2005
with Patricia Velasquez, & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode 1
Just put yourself out there and see where the velcro sticks

Fashion Week 2005 with Diddy, Ashanti, Foxy Brown, Gwen Stefani, tons of Supermodels & Celebrities.
Harry Potter movie review. Sci-fi animated action short (Mvtv Intern). A talk with Architect, Frank Gehry.
Geeks imitating movie lines. Animated video vlog, & MUCH MUCH MORE!


Half-hour WEBISODES from 2005/2006
...includes videos not seen anywhere else on my site