Natalie Clark "Take It All" Rockumentary 2014

Ryoji Ikeda: test pattern [times square] 2014

They Mostly Come Out At Night - Music Video

Cruisin' USA at The Cake Shop NYC

Lights "Face Up"

Electric Tickle Machine "Part of Me"

One-Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary / EXTENDED MONSTER OPENING

One-Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary / NEW ORLEANS IN HARLEM, NY


One-Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary [feature length] 2010

Bjork "Mutual Core" [times square] 2013

deadmau5 @ roseland ballroom (TMZ / deadmau5 featured)

Fame and Loathing in Las Vegas with Lady Gaga

QUEEN "Sheer Heart Attack"

One-Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary (Trailer)

Number 3: A Rockumentary (Sequel to One-Eyed Doll Film)


1) sings, "Fight" by One-Eyed Doll
2) "Opus"
3) NYC Subway Station Performance
4) "Pao!" by One-Eyed Doll [ Music Video ]
5) Royal Flush Magazine Party (May 15, 2010) w/
Bambi Killers, Satanicide, The Resurrection Sorrow
& Panzie