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The Internet: Pop's Newest Frontier
Written by Matt Diehl -- Photographs by Danielle Levitt

Andy Warhol's Superstars were outsized personalities who didn't wait for the world to discover them – they took matters into their own hands and created their own avenues to cut through the notice and get their voices heard. Today, the internet has become a place where artists of all stripes with that do it yourself drive can flourish. Artists like Keith Haring, who created the eerily prescient work on the left more than 25 years ago, were quick to recognize what technology and the advent of the digital age could mean for human creativity. Now the world that they envisioned has become a reality. Here, Interview presents out First Annual We Superstar Awards to a collection of talented o-getter who have not only use the Internet as a launch pad for their own careers, but have also helped establish the Web as a fertile incubator for creative talent across tall mediums. Click on the tab a the bottom right to view the winners of this year's webs superstar awards.

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Interview is a safe haven for creative spirits to meet and talk freely about their work and their lives. Artists trust the magazine and thus reveal more of themselves than they would in a typical interview. As a result, readers are privy to real insider information across all realms of popular culture. Ingrid Sischy, Editor in Chief.

The Award for Making People Talk goes to David Bruce Bates, Jr. whose charmingly raw documentary-style shorts and off-the-cuff interviews with the likes of Christian Slater and Robert Wilson got the blogosphere – and the entertainment industry – buzzing.