Just a little closer.



...plus I'm freezing.



Could we put the bill on layaway?






And his breath tops off a perfect package no lady would dare refuse.



Two on one any day of the week.



You should have brushed Han.



Look at it this way, he's got a lot of money,
a big hut and his slug mobile goes really fast.




Excuse me Admiral Snack Bar, I mean Ack Bar.



How could you cheat on me with that,
that monster! I want a divorce!



There goes the only available woman in the universe.



You've really screwed up now Han!
No, I've got everything under control.



I can't believe she left be Han.



Luke, I'm sorry I was never there for you as a kid but
I was busy taking over the galaxy. Here, take my Tickle Me Elmo doll.



You can take it back father!
If you were around you would have known I liked Barney!



You're too short to be my son! Hey look,
I'm really sorry about your hand.



Three liars: Hey Obi-Wan and Yoda, you both lied to me about my father,
and I'm not even going to start with you O.J.



I can't believe Jabba proposed to me.



Don't move or the droid will shoot!
I can't move anyway, it's 900 below.



Shh. He'll never know what hit him.



Umm, the guy behind you told me to do it!



That's the ugliest lightsaber I've ever seen.




Boy is he gonna be surprised when he finds out
the thing in his hand is lightsaber and not a microphone.



How could you drink all the cool-aid!



He wants to be a model for the new couture lightsabers.



Kinda reminds me of this guy who played basketball
a long time ago and acted like he was born far, far away.



Lando Jr. wanted a blue one.