Stop! Don't shoot that parrot! Instead of
putting bird feathers on his head, try Rogain!



Captain, you will pay for having ordered the
death of a parrot just so you can have hair!



Which one of you freaks took my Rogain!



Pardon me for saying so Captain, but yellow isn't your color.



I want you to put phasers on maximum power so when we
catch the traitor who stole my Rogain he gets what he deserves!



Hey Borg, have you seen a guy running through here with a Rogain bottle?
Haha. Nice hair Picard.



They'll never find me.



I'm in trouble.



I have you now, except my hair is interfering with my visual capacity.



Look, Picard's ship is on it's way down here. Hey Picard!
Are you coming down here to steal the best head of hair you can find?!



I was just kidding!



Your not really reading that hair contract Picard dreamed up, are you?
Let me finish it before I jump to any conclusions.



So Beverly, have you read my contract?
I don't think so Picard.



Hey, wake up. If you sign this piece of
paper I'll have my nurse save your life.



You actually think I'm going to sign away
my hair for tickets to the Pluto ballet?



I've found it! At long last!
The ultimate Rogain machine in the universe! I think.



Look buddy, you've got me in a lot of trouble.
I've got Captain Rogain and his transporting
freaks chasing after me! I did not sign up for this!
You told me it was a practical joke on Picard and he would just laugh it off!
Calm down, calm down. Here, take these suction boots and go to
docking bay 94 on Picard's ship. Then, open the door,
go outside and just wait out there. You'll be safe.
I smoke cigarettes out there all the time.



Hey, check out this contract. I might actually do it.
Are you kidding me?



This stuff smells almost as bad as it tastes.
I'm giving it back to the guy who sold it to me.
And I better get my money back.



Since the parrot didn't work out to well,
perhaps a rat would be satisfactory for the Captain.



Now I know what it feels like to be on the TV show COPS.



Look, it was just a prank!



You're not fooling anyone with that hat Picard.
We all know there's nothing underneath it.



Picard's not taking anymore jokes about his hair.



I have found the Rogain!



These last few days have been quite hair raising, haven't they number one.
No question Sir.