Just don't eat the chicken nuggets.



Look, I'll have two happy meals with
orange soda and an apple pie, fast!



Our chicken nuggets comply with all
government health and quality standards.




McSullaco security here,
we'll get that damn Energizer Bunny!



I'm so sorry they blew up your bunny
but you shouldn't have had it running around.



Let me see, um,
can I also have an Egg McMuffin.



Coming right up Sir.



This will bring back memories.



Breakfast ends at eleven!




Your chicken nuggets are ready.



You are the laziest group of people I have ever worked with!
You undercook the chicken nuggets and take way
to many smoke breaks! You're all fired! Get outta her!



Not only will I sue McSullaco for firing you but
I'll also give you a great long distance phone plan.



That's the last time we come here!