“David Bates, Jr. AKA “davidjr.com” whose charmingly raw documentary-style shorts and
off-the-cuff interviews with the likes of Christian Slater and Robert Wilson got the blogosphere –
and the entertainment industry – buzzing.” – Interview Magazine

David directs, shoots and edits. His unique docs and composed films are plugged into the social pulse in a variety of real-life, in-the-trenches situations, among them the convergence pop culture, fashion and the fine art world, and travel.

His reel is a montage of work for W Magazine, IBM, Starburst Candy, Capital One, Acura, MSN, Puma, Jet Blue, K*Swiss & more.

David has created over 500 short films and videos for the web, including a 90-minute feature documentary, One Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary, a portrait of road warrior/rocker Kimberly Freeman’s quest for stardom and creative fulfillment. It’s a charming funny and revealing slice of life on the road; Occupy Fashion Week featuring activists and celebrities; and an art doc of music video Streaming Museum’s collaboration with Björk, Andrew Thomas Huang, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and the Times Square Advertising Coalition – a month-long art event across 18 screens simultaneously in Times Square’s Midnight Moment that explodes with the energy of a New Year’s Eve celebration every night at 11:57pm.

David Bates Jr. is Co-producer of the Streaming Museum which exhibits the arts on 7 continents. His original work has been viewed in public spaces and cultural and commercial centers on 7 continents in cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, UK, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Antarctica & many others.

His work has been featured in:  Ad Age / TV Week / NY Post / MoMA Talks / Wall Street Journal / BBC News Huffington Post / Gothamist 2 / TMZ / USA Today / Flavorpill / Billboard / Access Hollywood / VideoStatic